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Enhance your guests’ experience and become a leader in sustainability.

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Why Sustainability Matters for Event Venues

Environmental awareness is a vital aspect of the guest experience that is often overlooked. Consider the following attitudes Americans have about issues related to sustainability:

  • 39% of Americans feel guilty about wasting food
  • 27% of Americans feel guilty about wasting water
  • 21% of Americans feel guilty about not recycling

This means that scores of guests may have a negative takeaway from an event if sustainable solutions are not in place. However, 47% of Americans believe their individual actions can help protect the environment. Enable your guests to have a carefree experience by addressing their environmental concerns up-front. Making it easy for your attendees to do the right thing is one more positive experience they’ll take away from the event.

Sources for statistics: Shelton Group Eco Pulse 2013 survey; National Geographic Greendex 2012

Partnership Overview

Becoming one of my sustainable venue partners will enable you to offer sustainability services to clients as a seamless part of your existing sales process. Partnership includes:

  • An initial consultation to identify and document your venue’s sustainable offerings, along with recommendations for additional sustainable practices your venue can implement
  • A designed handout that can be presented to clients during the sales process, listing your venue’s sustainable offerings
  • Ability to offer my sustainable consulting services as an extension of your venue’s team
  • Preferred referral status for any of my clients in search of a green venue

Staff Training

Success with sustainable initiatives depends on buy-in and commitment from your staff. In addition to the venue partnership program, I offer training on the following topics:

  • “Food Waste Reduction” for kitchen staff
  • “How to Execute an Effective Event Recycling Program” for facilities staff
  • “Sustainability’s Impact on the Guest Experience” for sales and event services staff

Contact me at or 217-251-0348 to learn more about training opportunities for your team.


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