I love events.

The transformed spaces, the food, the atmosphere, the buzz of conversation—it’s all magic to me. But there’s one aspect of events I don’t like.

It’s the feeling I get when I place a disposable plastic plate into an overflowing trash can, or when I’m handed a swag bag of items I know I’ll barely read or use, or when I watch a server clear a plate of barely-touched food.

Events inevitably generate at least some waste. However, there are steps you can take in the planning of any event to reduce its impact on the planet. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and it doesn’t mean you have to do a complete overhaul. Often small changes can go a long way in reducing your event’s footprint.

I’ll help you plan sustainable events.

By incorporating sustainability into your event, together we’ll create a positive and carefree experience for your guests, give you the opportunity for positive community recognition, and reduce your expenses.

Sustainability can seem like a daunting challenge, but with my practical and easy-to-follow recommendations, you will be able to reduce the environmental footprint of your event no matter where you are in the planning process.

You know how to make your event a success. Let’s work together to make sustainability a part of your success story.

About Julia Spangler

Julia SpanglerI have worked on corporate events since 2011 as an award-winning designer and support staff. My experience runs the gamut from multi-day customer appreciation events to educational seminars to luncheons and parties. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, my design suites for Baldwin & Lyons Race Weekend won Best Marketing Design in their budget category at the ILEA (International Live Events Association) Indiana Chapter PACE Awards.

I also serve as Editor in Chief of Fair for All Guide, a blog focused on the pursuit of a connected and responsible life. Fair for All covers fair trade, ethical shopping, sustainable living and more, with a focus on providing realistic, practical lifestyle tips. I co-founded Fair for All Guide in 2011.

I combined my love of events with my passion for the environment in 2015 to begin offering sustainability consulting services to the events industry. In my personal life I aim to consciously reduce my own environmental footprint through my shopping habits, DIY projects and other lifestyle choices.