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Celebrate your shared values with a green wedding.

For environmentally-conscious couples, weddings are an opportunity to celebrate the lifestyle you share. But it can be difficult to incorporate sustainability into the many moving parts of a wedding, even if it’s something you consider important in your daily life.

I help couples plan green weddings in Indianapolis and central Indiana to help your special day stay true to your shared values.

The green wedding package is priced from $250 to $500 and can include any combination of the following services:

  • Recycling – Successful recycling takes more than just putting out bins and hoping for the best. Our proven system is effective and makes it easy for guests and staff to participate in going green.
  • Composting – Our composting program is the perfect complement to our recycling program to help you aim for a “zero waste” wedding. We help you understand what’s truly compostable and what’s not, and we coordinate the entire collection process.
  • Food waste prevention – We help you work with your caterer to minimize food waste and find viable ways to put surplus food to good use.
  • Floral donation – We coordinate with local hospitals, assisted living homes or other facilities to find a place where your florals can bring joy to people in the community. We facilitate the pickup and drop-off process so you can enjoy your wedding night with no worries.

Makes a great gift

Are you concerned about the cost of greening your wedding? Include the green wedding package on your gift registry to allow your guests to help make your dream green wedding a reality.

Do you know an environmentally-conscious couple getting married in the next eighteen months? Show your support for their values by giving them the green wedding package as an engagement or wedding gift. Your demonstration of shared care for the planet will be a meaningful and memorable gift.


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