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Why is it important to measure event sustainability? Sustainability results are some of the most powerful metrics for any event.

Sustainability measurements provide benchmarks against which you can continually improve. Not only that, but these statistics also provide an opportunity for you to share your success with attendees and stakeholders. Doing so delivers a positive brand boost and demonstrates your adherence to event industry best practices.

Waste Diversion & Measurement

Our waste diversion and measurement process is proven to yield dramatic results. The process succeeds in both eliminating high volumes of landfill waste and delivering meaningful measurement statistics. These powerful statistics allow your event’s sustainability success story to be easily shared.

Waste Diversion & Measurement Process

Reduce > Assess > Partner > Communicate > Collect > Measure

Through a combination of pre-event planning and on-site coordination, this process yields a measurement of the waste diversion rate for the event.

Results from Waste Diversion & Measurement Process
Indy VegFest

Venue: Pavilion at Pan Am Plaza
Attendance: 4,500+
Type of event: Food festival
Results: 80% waste diversion rate

AZA Zoo Day

Venue: Indianapolis Zoo
Attendance: 1,700+
Type of event: Professional networking event including lunch, happy hour and dinner
Results: 73.5% waste diversion rate

Baseline Measurements

To enable you to measure your sustainability progress year after year, we’ll help identify measurable aspects of sustainability for your event. We’ll also provide strategies for collecting data, resulting in metrics that can be used as a baseline for future improvements.

Measure sustainability at your next event.

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