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Are you an event planner or service provider who wants to begin offering more sustainable options to your clients? Success with sustainability depends on knowing the best practices to make your programs effective, as well as on having buy-in and commitment from your staff. I offer sustainability training for event professionals to help you create programs that work for your clients, your staff and your business. I’m also available to speak about sustainable events at your next conference or association meeting.

Choose from the following topics:

Food Waste Reduction

Learn to minimize food waste through menu planning, serving techniques, donation, composting and more

Successful Event Recycling Programs

Learn what steps to take in the front of house and back of house to successfully collect and separate waste for recycling

Sustainability’s Impact on the Guest Experience

Learn the ways that sustainability (or a lack thereof) positively or negatively affects your guests’ experience at your events

Contact me at julia@juliaspangler.com or 217-251-0348 to learn more about training or speaking engagements.