Venue Partnership Program

Exceed your clients’ expectations and become a leader in sustainability.

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Partnership Overview

By becoming one of my sustainable venue partners, you’ll gain and retain clients by exceeding their expectations and creating a truly carefree experience for guests. The partnership program enables your venue to offer green services as a seamless part of your existing sales process.

Partnership includes:

  • An initial consultation to identify and document your venue’s sustainable offerings
  • Recommendations for additional sustainable practices your venue can implement
  • A designed handout that can be presented to clients during the sales process, listing your venue’s sustainable offerings
  • Ability to offer my sustainable consulting services as an extension of your venue’s team
  • Preferred referral status for any of my clients in search of a green venue

Why Sustainability Matters for Event Venues

There are two aspects of events where the biggest impacts on sustainability can be made: operations and catering. Event venues are heavily involved in one or both of these areas. Venues have the opportunity to create a positive impact across hundreds of events each year by implementing simple changes to their event management processes.

By going green, your venue will also be able to attract and retain clients and differentiate itself by offering unique environmentally-friendly services. Because sustainability can make or break the guest experience, you’ll also be able to guarantee your clients a truly carefree event.

Staff Training

Success with sustainable initiatives depends on buy-in and commitment from your staff. In addition to the venue partnership program, I offer training on the following topics:

  • “Food Waste Reduction” for kitchen staff
  • “How to Execute an Effective Event Recycling Program” for facilities staff
  • “Sustainability’s Impact on the Guest Experience” for sales and event services staff

Contact me at or 217-251-0348 to learn more about training opportunities for your team.


Become a sustainable venue partner.

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Step 3: We’ll connect and talk about how sustainability will improve your guests’ experience!

Step 4: If you decide to become a sustainable venue partner, we’ll set up a time for an initial assessment of your venue’s sustainable offerings and then go from there.

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