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What is a zero waste event? Zero waste events are planned in compliance with the zero waste business principles maintained by the Zero Waste International Alliance.

We focus on helping events adhere to two of these key principles, which are particularly relevant to the events industry:

Zero waste to landfill or incineration

“We divert more than 90% of the solid wastes we generate from landfill from all of our facilities. No more than 10% of our discards are landfilled. No solid wastes are processed in facilities that operate above ambient biological temperatures (more than 200 degrees F.) to recover energy or materials.”

Prevent pollution and reduce waste

“We redesign our supply, production and distribution systems to reduce the use of natural resources and eliminate waste. We prevent pollution and the waste of materials by continual assessment of our systems and revising procedures, policies and payment policies.”

By implementing our green event services and sustainability measurement process, you can achieve the prestigious goal of planning zero waste events.

Aim for zero waste at your next event.

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